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Proposal: Forget about info pages- just use a template like Template:Person DLP output template Template:Person-dlp extracts the fields fo output, and selection criteria restrict the resulting output set to the values desired.

Problem: the DLP mechanism has a limit on the size of the intermediate result set, probably motivated by concern over Denial of Service attacks. However, if doing an AND search on a large number of fields, there is no such limit.

Pseudo categories: Note that large number of query fields will be available for articles. However, these don't have to be expressed as categories- cluttering up the article display. They can be expressed as templates, because you can query on what articles use a particular template. Each of these templates correspond to a field-value eg FFN_Samuel would be queried if father first name= Samuel. The contents of these templates are NO_Ops.

DLP versionEdit

From Feb 2014: 2.0

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