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Page for testing forms etc. Gently, please!

Person Toooo Test III (impossible birth year-uncertain death), Titles?, was born before 44 at street in "Here", There, locality - no square brackets, county, state, New Zealand (other places, e.g. hospital or historical area such as "Austria-Hungary") to Father and Mother and died 1 March 31 at Unknown Street at the Battle of the books of injury. He married Spouse 1 5 March 7 JL at str in Village, County Down, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom.



(Residences template is under development)


Offspring of Tester Guy and unknown parent  ¢
Name Birth Death Joined with
Probable son

Offspring of Tester Guy and Spouse 1  ¢
Name Birth Death Joined with
Upstart Person (5-101)

Offspring of Tester Guy and Partner(s)
Name Birth Death Joined with
'Jacky' (the rebel), Governor of "Virginia" (unknown dates)

Sources and notes

‡ General
  • Primary sources (good; will there be problems with non-ASCII characters???)
  • Secondary sources (- this is how are they going to display?
  • Who decides what's secondary?
  • Source(s) - and if using the advanced form you can populate fields for primary and secondary sources
Ω Birth
  • birth notes
  • birth sources (will be run together with notes, so you may be wise to indicate that they are sources), Primary source, Secondary source
† Baptism
  • Baptism notes
  • primary source
  • secondary source
  • Ditto sources
¢ Children
  • Notes: for some reason, the child form has sources first. As there are about ten groups involved, consistency suggests that the other events should have their order changed.
  • Source: hearsay
2 Wedding 2
  • Marriage 2: notes.
  • Marriage 2: sources
¢2 Children 2
  • Ditto notes
  • Second family sources
2 Wedding 3
  • Nothing is known of third partner but the wedding is mentioned by Josephus.
  • Josephus (op cit)
¶ Death
  • Death notes: Never? (say some authorities)
  • No reputable source


  Robin Patterson

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