The Original Six ~ Rheingau region Germany to Camden Park, New South Wales, Australia ~ 1838-2008 Celebrating 170 years since 6 German Vinedressers with their families

arrived on the barque 'Kinnear'on 23 April 1838 

Die 6 (sechs) Gründerväter-vom Rheingau nach Camden Park- (1838-2008).

Wir feiern den 170. Jahrestag der Ankunft von sechs deutschen 

Winzerfamilien am Kinnear 1838.

  "They gave all and came that we might enjoy what they had only dreamt about."

Descendants and families of the first group of six German vinedressers to emigrate to Australia - Casper Flick, Friedrich Seckold, Georg Gerhard, Johann Justus, Johann Stein & Johann Wenz are invited to attend this wonderful celebration to honour these families who left their native Germany to live in an English speaking colony still in it's infancy. The celebration commences with a visit to Camden Park (where they first lived & worked under a five year contract with the Macarthurs) followed by a full programme of events over the entire weekend. The German Consul General to Australia will officially open the weekend at Camden Park. The programme and other information can be viewed online at

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