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Origin: Germany
Variant(s): Tice
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There are three as-of-yet unconnected families bearing this name: one German, one English, and one Belgian. It is theorized that they all originate in the region on the banks of the Ukrainian river bearing the same name.

The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th ed., Columbia University Press:

Tisza (tis'u), Serbian Tisa (tē'sä), Rus. тысса or Tisa (both: tis'u), Ger. Theiss (tīs), river, c.600 mi (970 km) long, formed by two headstreams in the Carpathians, W Ukraine. It flows generally S across E Hungary, past Szolnok and Szeged, into N Serbia, where it enters the Danube River E of Novi Sad. The Körös and Mureşul rivers are its chief tributaries. There are hydroelectric facilities on the river in Hungary. The Tisza is navigable for small craft to Szolnok and is also used to float timber.

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