Theo Lester Curd

Born: 7.10.1944 in Dalby, Queensland, Australia.

Married Twice.

Working Life:

Carpenter, Publican.


Worked for Charles (father) until just after year 12, where a disagreement between university study and a life of carpentry eventuated in Theo leaving to persue a life as a carpenter. Married in his early twenties, Theo also had his first son Brett on the way whilst his first wife was pregnant. He fathered three more daughters with his first wife and he eventually left.

Work eventually took him to a pub in Toowoomba. Here he would meet his second wife and learn to run pubs whilst renovating the premises.

Theo was married and ran pubs for twenty-five years with his second wife.


Brett Beumont (Separte Relationship)

Katrina, Tina, Jodie and Tracey (Separate Relationship)

Theo Charles Curd and Alanna Jane Curd.(Last Marriage now Divorced)