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Theodore Roosevelt Lattin (1901-1980) circa 1920-1925

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Lattin Nelson wedding 06d

Nelson and Lattin wedding in 1929 in the Bronx

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Nelson and Lattin wedding in 1929 in the Bronx

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Theodore Roosevelt Lattin (1901-1980) circa 1935-1940

Theodore Roosevelt Lattin (1901-1980) aka Teddy Lattin. He was a Free and Accepted Mason. He lived in Cuba from 1909 to 1915. He was a radioman in the US Navy. He worked for Bell Telephone Company. (b. August 31, 1901, Farmingdale, Nassau County, Long Island, New York, 11735, USA - d. November 1980, Bronx, Bronx County, New York, 10465, USA) Social Security Number 060019663.



Teddy was born in 1901 in Farmingdale, Nassau County, Long Island.


Isle of Pines, CubaEdit

The family moved to the Isle of Pines in Cuba around 1909 and he returned to the US in 1914.


On June 16, 1929 he married Bertha Christina Nelson (1905-1980) in the Bronx, and many photographs of the wedding are extant. Their marriage was certificate "4492".

Memories about Theodore LattinEdit

  • Harold Lawrence McPheeters (1923- ) said: "Teddy worked in The New York Telephone Company and would call long distance all the time, to keep in touch with family members. He would say he was testing the telephone lines. He went to Russia when he was in the Navy during WWI. He took many pictures of the families and when he showed me the pictures he said that most of the people were dead from the Revolution."
  • Warren Raymond Nelson (1944- ) said: "He worked for the Telephone Company in New York and would take me to baseball games. He lived on Sea Island City and smoked a pipe and cigars. He was a quiet guy who liked to work in his garden and work on his car."
  • Geraldine Marie Winblad (1928- ) said: "He was a sweet man. We visited him at Philbert Beach in the Bronx. We used to go to the dances at his Masonic Lodge."
  • Leonard Andrew Lattin I (1925- ) said: "Teddy was a high ranking Mason. He worked for Bell Telephone and always wore a suit to work. His Christmas tree had blue bulbs on it."
  • Harold Lawrence McPheeters (1923- ) wrote on April 14, 2012: Uncle Ted Lattin was a very friendly and likeable person. Although he was Mom's Uncle, she was older than him, but he kept in touch with the family on Long Island. He and Bertha lived in a home on the north shore of Long Island Sound near one of the bridges to Long Island where they raised their daughter, Joan. They would come by on rather frequent trips to visit Grandma Kate and Aunt Julie and other family members and often stop by our house in Garden City. For several years he worked for the "Long Lines" of the Telephone Company and would periodically 'test the lines' by connecting Julie, Kate, Aunt Myrtle and Aunt Eva and other family members from both coasts for a 'group chat.' Ted had served in the Army [sic] during WW I in Russia just after the War when Russians were suffering badly. He had some frightening photos taken there with families clustered around tables outside and simply starving to death and awaiting death that I recall him showing us a couple times. It was that situaton that set them up for Communism. I had not seen him or any of his family in many years while I was in college, the Army, Navy,,and residency, but then I made contact with Joe Nicolich and his family in nearby Franklin Square, LI. and found that she was very close to Joan and her family. When Mom, died, both of them came to the visitation for Mom at the funeral home. After that I had more contacst with Joan, but none since Ted died and then Joan.


He died in November of 1980 and was buried in Powell Cemetery in Farmingdale.



Theodore Roosevelt Lattin (1901-1980)'s ancestors in three generations
Theodore Roosevelt Lattin (1901-1980) Father:
Jarvis Andrew Lattin (1853-1941)
Paternal Grandfather:
Henry K. Lattin (1806-1894)
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Richard Latting (c1775-?)
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Elizabeth Ketcham (1778-?)
Paternal Grandmother:
Julia Wood (1813-1873)
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Mary Jane Puckett (1854-1927)
Maternal Grandfather:
Elijah Puckett (1815-1896)
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Maternal Grandmother:
Katherine Keever (1821-1904)
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Adam Keever (c1790-1873)
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Mary Hunter (c1790-1833)

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