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Thomas Baglin was born circa 1725 in Uley, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom to John Baglin (c1697-) and Mary Peglar (c1705-) . He married Hannah (bef1748-) 1748 in Uley, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom. He married Betty Hurcombe (bef1776-) 1 October 1776 . Ancestors are from the United Kingdom.


Offspring of Thomas Baglin and Hannah (bef1748-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
John Baglin (c1748-?)
Rebeka Baglin (c1748-1806) 1748 Uley, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom 1806 Uley, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom
Martha Baglin (c1753-1754)
Joseph Baglin (c1755-1757)

Offspring of Thomas Baglin and Betty Hurcombe (bef1776-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Edward Hurcombe Baglin (c1781-1866) 1781 Uley, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom 23 January 1866 Dursley, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom Christiana Eastmead (c1782-1855)

Family History in Uley

Uley, Cotswolds, Glos

A view on the outskirts of Uley with Smallpox Hill in the background.

Thomas Baglin’s immediate ancestors back to his great-grandfather, Richard Baglin (born c1640) were all born and lived in Cam, Gloucestershire, 3.3 miles (5.3 km) North West of Uley. In 1723 his parents, John Baglin and Mary Peglar (daughter of John Pegler) married in Newington Bagpath, just past Owlpen Gloucestershire, about a mile East of Uley.

In the late 16th century (according to 'The Story of Uley' by M. Lloyd Baker) Sir Richard Berkeley sold a lot of land to 13 local Uley men, including a Thomas Pegler. The descendants of these men became prominent families in the Uley community for the next three centuries until the commercial collapse of the cotton mills in the 19th century. Thomas Pegler's son and other members of his family went on to become prominent in the cloth trade; Pegler is now well known locally because of Hetty Pegler’s Tump, 2 miles (3.2 Km) North of Uley.

In 1822 Francis Baglin (c1798-1876), a great-grandchild of John Baglin and Mary Peglar, married Sarah Robins (c1799-1848); the Robins family have a long history of being local carpenters in Uley and are likely to have worked for the Manor house. The cottages where one branch of the Robins family lived has long since gone although some foundations remain among the brambles on what was called Firary Lane. The Manor house is only a short walk from Grist Mill; the only mill in the locality that ground flour, all the other mills being connected with the cloth industry. The Mill is now a guest house, but a lot of the mill workings (all made of wood) are still there to add to the charm of the place.

Baglyn Avenue - two photos showing name plate and avenue

Daniel Baglin (c1813-1883), the grandson of Thomas Baglin and Betty Hurcombe, appears to have come from a family of landowners and farmers in the Uley area, and if so will have suffered badly during the commercial collapse of the cloth mills in the early part of the 19th Century; as landowners were heavily taxed to pay Poor Relief to the local unemployed. Sometime between 1842 and 1863, after the collapse of the local mill industry, Daniel Baglin with his wife and children moved to the Bristol area where a few years later he set-up a 111 acre farm in Staple Hill, Bristol, located in what is now Baglyn Avenue.

Footnotes (including sources)

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