Thomas Branch was born April 1623 in St Peter's, Middlesex, England to Christopher W. Branch (1602-1681) and Mary Frances Addie (c1601-1665) and died 1694 in Henrico County, Varina Parish of unspecified causes. He married Elizabeth Gooch (c1627-1697) 1645 in Henrico Co.. Notable ancestors include Henry II of England (1133-1189), William I of England (1027-1087), Charlemagne (747-814), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Alfred the Great (849-899). Ancestors are from England, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Ukraine, Italy.


Offspring of Thomas Branch and Elizabeth Gooch (c1627-1697)  ¢
Name Birth Death Joined with
Thomas Branch (1646)
Matthew Branch (c1649)
James Branch (c1652)
William Branch (1655)
Elizabeth Branch (c1657)
Martha Branch (c1659-?) 1659 Henrico County, Virginia, United States 9999 Henrico County, Virginia, United States Richard Ward (c1659-)

Margery Branch
John Branch


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‡ General
  • Christening: May 1624 Jamestown, Virginia, USA

Thomas Branch I (May 1624 -c.1694), the son of Christopher Branch I and Mary Addie, was nine months old at the muster of 1624/25. He lived on part of-Kingsland? south of the James River. Branch is believed to have married possibly Elizabeth Gough, daughter of Capt. Matthew Gough, a burgess of Henrico County (1642-44).

Thomas died in Henrico County about 1694 (will dated 25 Oct. 1688 &, recorded 1 Feb. 1694/5). In his will he described himself as-being in a sickly Cracy Condition but of sound and perfect memory.? Branch left 5 shillings to his three eldest sons, Thomas, Matthew, and James Branch. He left the remainder of his estate to his wife-only I give to my two daughters, Elizabeth Richardson and Martha Ward, 5 shillings each to buy a ring.?

Elizabeth was still alive in September 1695 when the court summoned her to give security for her late husband?s estate.

Branch?s wife, Elizabeth, died in 1697 (will dated 2 Aug. 1697, recorded 20 Aug. 1697). In her will she divided her household items, cattle, her crop of wheat, and-Negro man Mingo? among her children. To each of her two sons-in-law she left a-half crown to buy him a pair of gloves.? Joseph Tanner and John Cocke witnessed Elizabeth?s will.


Thomas BRANCH b: 1646 in Henrico, Virginia, USA
Matthew BRANCH b: ABT 1647 in , Henrico, Virginia, USA
James BRANCH b: 1650 in , Henrico, Virginia, USA
William BRANCH b: 1655 in , Henrico, Virginia, USA
Elizabeth BRANCH b: 1657 in , Henrico, Virginia, USA
Martha BRANCH b: 1659 in , Henrico, Virginia, USA
Margery BRANCH b: 1664 in , Henrico, Virginia, USA
John BRANCH b: 1666 in , Henrico, Virginia, USA

Thomas was but an infant when he came to the American Colonies with his parents, Christopher Branch and Mary Addie, settling in Henrico, Virginia. Elizabeth appears to have been born in Virginia, the daughter of Matthew Gough. They lived their whole lives in Henrico, Virginia where all nine of their children were born.

Thomas, like his father, was a tobacco planter, having several hundred acres in Kingsland tract on the south side of James River, same area that his father developed. Very little is found in the records about him. And extract of his will is as follows:

“…..being of Cracy Condition but of sound and perfect memory” …. To my three sons, Thomas, Matthew and James, 5 shillings each; residue of goods and chattels to wife Elizabeth, but should she die before testator then saide goods and chattels to be equally divided between testator’s aforesaid 3 sons, only I give to my two daughters, Elizabeth Richardson and Martha Ward, 5 shillings each to buy a ring.

The will was dated 25 8br (October) 1688. He alludes to him as being in a sickly crazy condition that was evidently physical, not mental. Elizabeth’s will was dated nine years later on 2 August 1697 and gives more insight to their situation:

To son Thomas, bed that standeth with the head to the partition on the left hand of the door as one cometh in, with all furniture belonging thereto, also 5 pair sheets (one pair being Holland), my long table and forms, a great copper kettle, an iron pot known by the name of the long pot, and one belmettle skillet; son Matthew 1 pair new curtains and vallens to the bed he hath had already, five pair sheets (one being Holland), chest of drawers, drawing table and small forme, biggest brass kettle, second great pot, one pot called the new pot being made of iron, chafing dish, pair fire dogs; son James, feather bed that standeth on the right hand as one cometh from the door to the chimney with the curtains and vallens and all otherfurniture belonging to said bed; 5 pair sheets (one being Holland) half this present crop of wheat, one great iron pot, one small iron pot, small brass kettle, Negro man Mingo; daughter Elizabeth Richardson, suit of wearing clothes, my riding gown, and twelve pence in money; son-in-law Richard Ward, half crown to buy him a pair of gloves; granddaughter Martha Branch, all my wearing closthes in general, linen and wollen, shoes and hose; three sons Thomas, Matthew and James, before mentioned, residue of estate to be equally divided between them except that half the wheat, after James hath his, is to be divided between Thomas and Matthew, and 2 cows called Nanny and Cherry and one cow calfe and half an ox which I give to son James and other half of said ox to son Thomas; residue of goods and chattels to be equally divided between sons Thomas and Matthew.

¢ Children
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