Thomas Daniers of Bradley was born on an unknown date to William Daniers (-1306) and Agnes de Legh (c1251-) and died circa 1354 in England of unspecified causes. He married Margaret de Tabley (-bef1354) . He married Joan Norreys (-aft1354) . Ancestors are from England.

The history of Cheshire: containing King's Vale-royal entire, Volume 2 by Daniel King, William Smith, William Webb (gentleman.), Sir Peter Leycester, Samuel Lee, Thomas Pennant, Francis Grose

"Thomas Daniers of Bradley, senior, 17 Edward II (c1324), son and heir of William Daniers, senior, had land in Limme, by the grant of William Daniers, his father. He purchased Bradley from William Dutton, lord of Warburton, 1301. He married Margaret, daughter of Adam de Tabley, and had issue Thomas Daniers, junior, eldest son; Sir John Daniers of Gropenhale, second son; Augustine, who had lands in Sworton, in High-Legh, 11 Edward III. (c1338); Alice, a daughter, married Matthew, son of William Mere of Mere, near Over-Tabley, 1319; Margaret, another daughter, married John, son of Vivian de Derewallshaw, that is Thelwellshaw, 1335; Joan, another daughter; also three bastard-sons, William, Roger and Robert, 1349.

Thomas Daniers, senior, had to his second wife Joan Norreys, by whom he had issue Thomas Daniers, afterwards Sir Thomas Daniers of Over-Tabley; Henry, another son, to whom his father gave the marriage of the heir of William Clerke of Over-Tabley, 28 Edward III (c1355); and Richard, another son, living 6 Richard II. (c1383).

Thomas Daniers made his will 1354, and was buried at Limme. Joan Norreys, his widow, married afterwards William Bostock of Bostock.

This Thomas Daniers was sheriff of Cheshire 25 and 27 Edward III. (c1352 and c1354)."


A Collection of Lancashire and Cheshire Wills Not Now to be Found in Any Probate Registry: 1301-1752 by Church of England. Diocese of Chester

Thomas Daniers condidit testm a' 28. E. 3 (1354-55) et dedit capello ad orand p aia sua et aia Thome filii sue 5 mcas et dedit Margete filie sue maritag Wm. fil. Rici. de Buckley et Thomas fil. suo custoda terra pd Wmi. in Chedle et Henrico filio suo maritag heredis Wmi de Overtabley et Johi filio suo Juventu et Mgete filie Johis filii sui cert reddit in Cheadle et Katharine uxi __ de Tabley et Margerie uxori Wmi de Tabley XX et fecit Joham uxem sua et Adam de Tabley executores suos (vide the box of willes).


Offspring of Thomas Daniers and Margaret de Tabley (-bef1354)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Thomas Daniers (-c1353) 1353 Isabel Baggiley (-1364)

John Daniers (-c1374)
Augustine Daniers
Alice Daniers
Margaret Daniers
Joan Daniers

Offspring of Thomas Daniers and Joan Norreys (-aft1354)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Thomas Daniers (-1383) 1383 England Catherine de Tabley (-aft1416)

Henry Daniers
Richard Daniers

Offspring of Thomas Daniers and unknown parent
Name Birth Death Joined with
William Daniers
Roger Daniers
Robert Daniers



Offspring of William Daniers of Daresbury and Agnes de Legh (c1251-)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Thomas Daniers (-c1354) 1354 England Margaret de Tabley (-bef1354)
Joan Norreys (-aft1354)

William II Daniers (-1306) 1306 England Agnes

John Daniers (-aft1344)
Margery Daniers (c1280-) Henry Horsale of Limme

Agnes Daniers (c1283-) Alexander de Waleton


  • The history of Cheshire: containing King's Vale-royal entire, Volume 2 By Daniel King, William Smith, William Webb, Peter Leycester

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