Vital statisticsEdit

  • Sex : Male
  • Born: c1886
  • Married: Ivy Violet Roffey, 27 May 1920, in the Catholic Presbytery at Lithgow, N.S.W.






On marriage certificate: grooms details - occupation was labourer, lived at Lithgow, New South Wales, bachelor, born at Cowra, New South Wales, 33 years when married, father's name, John Hennessy and mother's name Patience Breen and John was a farmer. Brides details - occupation was domestic duties, lived at Hartley, New South Wales, spinster, born at :Lismore, New South Wales, 33 when married, father's name, Charles Roffey, mather's name, Sarah Widamme Crawford, and Charles was a carpenter. They were married according to the rites of the Roman Catholic Church by Patrick Doherty, officiating minister in the presence of K. Foley and K. Sparks. Registered on 11th June 1920.

On death certificate: Every time the name Hennessy was written it was misspelled as Hennessey, crossed out, corrected and initialled. The place of death is down as the District Hospital, Parramatta Municipality, late of Granville Municipality. Occupation is labourer, 47 years. Died of ruptured duodenal ulcer, the medical attendant was J. Kingsley (Registered) and he last saw Thomas on the day he died. John Hennessy, farmer was the father and Patience Breen the mother. The informant was T. L. Hennessy, brother, of 4 Catherine Street, Kogarah. The death was registered at Parramatta on the 22 June, 1934. Thomas was buried on 22 June 1934 at Roman Catholic Cemetery, Rookwood, by Edward Thomas Hill, employed by P. Byrnes & Co. Ltd. The minister was Edward Clune, Roman Catholic and the witnesses were Joseph K. Manning and B. Walker. Thomas is listed as being born at Grenfell, N.S.W. and his marriage as in Sydney, at 33 years to Ivy Roffey. The children are listed as Glenda 13, Terence 12, Frank 10, Patience 9, Dermott 6. None deceased.


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