Brigadier General Thomas Glascock Jr. (October 21, 1790 – May 19, 1841) was an American politician, soldier and lawyer who served as a United States Congressman from Georgia. He is buried at Magnolia Cemetery, Richmond County, Georgia.

Thomas Glascock Jr. (October 21, 1790 – May 19, 1841) was an American politician, soldier and lawyer.

Glascock was born in Augusta, Georgia. He studied law, gained admission to the state bar, and began practicing law in Augusta. Thomas Jr. was the son of Brigadier General Thomas Glascock Sr. who rescued Count Pulaski from the Siege of Savannah. His father served in Georgia and in the Virginia Dragoons during the American Revolution. His father was later appointed as Brigadier General of the Continental Army by George Washington. Thomas Jr's grandfather was Colonel William Glascock, who was acting governor of Georgia for a period during the American Revolution at Augusta, Georgia. President George Washington stayed with William at his plantation home in Augusta during his presidency.

Glascock was a delegate to the constitutional convention in 1798. His military service included service as a captain of Volunteers in the War of 1812 and a brigadier general in the First Seminole War in 1817. Served under General Andrew Jackson, later President of the United States.

Political offices held by Glascock include the Georgia State House of Representatives (1821, 1823, 1831, 1834, 1839) where he also served as speaker in 1833 and 1834. Upon the resignation of John W. A. Sanford, Glascock was elected to fill Sanford's seat in the United States House of Representatives and was reelected in 1836. During his congressional tenure, Glascock served as the chairman of the Committee on Militia.

After his political career, Glascock lived in Decatur, Georgia and died in that city in 1841. He was buried in the City Cemetery in his birthplace of Augusta. Glascock County, Georgia is named in his honor.