Thomas Hale, Jr. was born on May 15, 1606 in Watton At Stone, Hertfordshire, England to Thomas Hale and Joan Kirby. He was baptized on June 15, 1606 in Watton At Stone, Hertfordshire, England. Thomas married Thomasine Dowsett. They settled in Newbury, Massachusetts in 1635. In 1646, Thomas was chosen to be selectman, he was appointed to try small cases in 1647, and i n1648 he kept a ferry. In 1659, his name appears on a list of glovers in Salem, Massachusetts.


Offspring of Thomas Hale and Thomasine Dowsett (?-1682)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Thomas Hale III (1633-1688) 18 November 1633 Watton at Stone, Hertfordshire, England 22 October 1688 Newbury, Essex County, Massachusetts Mary Hutchinson (1630-1715)

Namesakes of Thomas Hale, Jr. (1606-1682)

 Birth placeDeath placeFatherMotherJoined with
Thomas Hale III (1633-1688)Watton at Stone, Hertfordshire, EnglandNewbury, Essex County, MassachusettsThomas Hale, Jr. (1606-1682)Thomasine Dowsett (?-1682)Mary Hutchinson (1630-1715)
Thomas Hale, Jr. (1606-1682)(Watton At Stone+ Hertfordshire+ England)(Newbury+ Essex County+ Massachusetts)Thomas Hale (1575-1630)Joan Kirby (1580-?)Thomasine Dowsett (?-1682)
Thomas Hale (1575-1630)(Walton-at-Stone+ Hertsfordshire+ England)(Walton-at-Stone+ Hertsfordshire+ England)Joan Kirby (1580-?)
Thomas Hale (1659-1730)Newbury, Essex County, MassachusettsRowley, Essex County, MassachusettsThomas Hale III (1633-1688)Mary Hutchinson (1630-1715)Sarah Northend (1661-1732)

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