Thomas Joint was born 1834 in Bristol, England, United Kingdom to William Joint (c1809-1881) and Elizabeth Hollister (1809-1891) and died 1911 in Bristol, England, United Kingdom of unspecified causes. He married Theresa Oaten (1836-1918) 1858 in St. Judes Parish Church, Bristol, England, United Kingdom.

A Joint Family History

The Joint Family Ancestors
William Joint was born in Chulmleigh in Devon, about the year 1809, but like many West Country people he moved to Bristol, probably prior to 1833, as by this date he had married a Bristol girl. William was a tailor by trade and in 1851 he was living in Lime Kiln Lane, St.Augustines (this was later renamed St.Georges Road, probably after the completion of St.Georges Church, just above the road, on the slopes of Brandon Hill). There he lived with his wife Elizabeth Hollister of Winterbourne, his second son Henry, and his daughters Matilda and Martha. Williams’s eldest son Thomas, who was 16 years old at the time of the 1851 census, does not appear to have been living at home.

The 1881 census states that William was living at No.3 St.Georges Road (probably the same address as in 1851 but with the name change) with his wife Elizabeth and one daughter, Matilda, who was a tailoress. The census also shows that he employed one man. William was rather flexible when stating his age to the census takers, for it appears to change at each census. The 1851 census clearly shows him to be 40, the same age as his wife, Elizabeth. However by 1881, when Elizabeth is shown as being 70, William is only 62.

In 1881 William died and his wife and daughter Matilda moved in with daughter Martha, who had married a Daniel Westlake, a carpenter originally from Puxton in Somerset and was then living at 12 Ambrose Road, Clifton, Bristol, just above Hotwell Road. His other children, Thomas, Henry and Elizabeth had all left home by then.

In 1884 Elizabeth made a will leaving the sum of one hundred and forty-seven pounds, nineteen shillings and four pence to be divided among her children: -

  • Thomas,
  • Martha, who had married Daniel Westlake;
  • Henry, who was missing, leaving a wife Marian and a daughter, Martha;
  • Elizabeth, who had married a cousin, Robert James Joint and was running a chemist shop in Fore Street, Chulmleigh, Devon, and
  • Matilda, who appears to have remained a spinster. Elizabeth died in 1891.

The 1901 census shows that Robert James Joint (the chemist who married his cousin, Elizabeth, the daughter of William Joint 1809-1881) had moved to Bristol and was listed as 'a man of own means'.

Bristol Docks panoramic view

Bristol Docks, contemporary view.

Thomas Joint lived a short distance from his parents at Boars Head Yard, near the bottom of Park Street, Bristol. He was a shipwright by trade and as such lived near the Bristol shipyards.

Thomas had married Theresa Oaten from Taunton in 1858, at St.Judes Parish Church, Bristol. Her father, Frederick Oaten came from Pitminster, Somerset, just outside of Taunton and her mother came from Corfe, the next village. Frederick was a coach spring maker and in 1881 he was living at No 8 Leigh Street, Bristol.


Offspring of Thomas Joint and Theresa Oaten (1836-1918)
Name Birth Death Joined with
William Frederick Joint (c1862-1864)
William Thomas Joint (1864-1932) 1864 Clifton, Bristol, England, United Kingdom 1932 Elizabeth (1860-)
Hannah Sophia Stickler (1871-1923)

Theresa Elizabeth Joint (c1866-)
Elizabeth Mary Joint (c1870-)
Emily Dinah Joint (c1872-)

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