Thomas Lancaster of Paythorne (Gisburn, in the West Riding of Yorkshire) “senior”.

Thomas made his will in March 1642, which was proved February 1645/6, corresponding to a burial 1 April 1643 for a Thomas Lancaster of Paythorne. His will mentions his wife, who must have survived him, plus children Thomas, Alice, Anne and Richard. His son Thomas is heir to his tenement.

His baptism, like that of his son Thomas and grandson Thomas, is probably not in the register of Gisburn. There is a Thomas in 1578, but this appears to be a son of Christopher of Swinden, whereas other Lancaster families lived in Paythorne itself. There was a John Lancaster of Paythorne having children slightly before Thomas, and he may have been an elder brother of Thomas. John was buried 7 February 1615/16. His “wife” (Uxor) was buried later, though again not called a widow: 3 October 1624. Two of the children of John Lancasters in this period are specified as belonging to John of Paythorne: William in 1591 and Anna in 1598/99.

Perhaps Thomas inherited from his brother John. In turn it seems possible that both John and Thomas were the descendants of James Lancaster of Paythorne who was buried 21 March 1560/61, and whose wife was buried 10 January 1576/77. In those times related Lancaster families lived close by within Gisburn in Swinden and Newsholme.

The wife of Thomas was probably named Alice, corresponding to a burial 20 January 1662/63 in Gisburn:

"Alice Relict Thomae Lancaster nup de Paiethorne"


Alice Lancaster. Mentioned in father’s will. Perhaps named after her mother.

Thomas Lancaster (?-c1694). Main heir.

Anne Lancaster. Named in father’s will.

Richard Lancaster of Paythorne. Named in father’s will.

Janet Lancaster.

Baptism: Jeneta filia Thome Lancaster de Paiethorne eodem die (penultimo die Augustij) 1612.
Presumably dead or married by the time of her father’s will? A burial entry exists in 1622, for example: Filia Thome Lancaster Decimo Octauo die Maij.

Mary Lancaster.

Baptism: Maria filia Thome Lancaster de Paiethorne nono die Decembris 1614.
Presumably dead or married by the time of her father’s will? A burial entry exists in 1622, for example: Filia Thome Lancaster Decimo Octauo die Maij.

Y-DNA of descendants Edit

Thomas Lancaster has an apparent male line descendant who has had a genealogical DNA test. The following Y chromosome markers are commonly used in surname projects (though in this case, more have been tested).

Most recent male-line ancestor of the tested person with a wiki entry Haplogroup 393 390 19 391 385a 385b 426 388 439 389-1 392 389-2 458 459a 459b 455 454 447 437 448 449 464a 464b 464c 464d
Christopher Lancaster (c1707-1793)E-V13132413101618111212131130159911112614203214161718

This person also has the following interesting matches to other male lines, not known to be descended from him, but seemingly closely related. These mainly fall into two categories: other Lancaster families of Eastern Lancashire and the West Riding of Yorkshire; and families with surnames derived from the placename Satterthwaite.


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