Thomas Lisle (1417-1432)
Sex: male
Birth: 11 JUN 1413
Baptism: parish church of Ovyngeham/Ovingham
Death: AFT 1472
Father: John Lisle
Mother: Joan Swinburne
Spouse/Partner: Anne Ogle (1418-1426)
Marriage: about 1436 Kirkley, Northumberland, England


Thomas Lisle was born 2 June, 1413,at Nafferton, Northumberland, England and baptized in the parish church of Ovyngeham. He was the son of John Lisle, And Joan Swinburne. He married Anne Ogle about 1436 Kirkley, Northumberland, England. She was the daughter of Robert Ogle and Maud De Grey.

Nafferton castle durham

Ovingham Church

His father died before his grandfather did, so he was his grandfather, Robert Lisle's heir. At his father's death he received all of his lands in Kirkharle. Kirkharle and Kirkharle Manor Kirkharle manor Kirkharle

Ann married first by dispensation dated 13 January 1411/12(they being related in the 4th degree), William Heron, Knt. Of Cornhill, Northumberland. He was sheriff of Northumberland. son and heir of William Heron, by Isabel, daughter of Richard Scot, of Newcastle. He was born about Oct. 1400. They had one daughter, Elizabeth. He was knighted before Feb. 1421/2. He received seisin of the manor of Croydon, Cambridgshire, on the death of his grandmother, Margaret Heron, in 1423. The same year he was the heir to his cousin, John Hawkeswell. SirWilliam Heron died 1 Sept 1425. His widow, Anne, married(2nd) (as his 2nd wife) John Middleton, Knt., of Belsey, Northumberland, Sheriff of Northumberland, son and heir of John Middleton, Knt., of Belsey, Northumberland, by Joan, daughter and co-heiress of Clement Skelton, Knt. They had one son, John, and one daughter, ______(wife of Edmund Hastings, Knt.). He was appointed ambassador for a truce with Scotland in 1459. His retinue captured Henry Beaufort, Duke of Somerset, near Hexham in May 1464.

The medieval grange of Hallyards, the family seat of the De Lisle family, stood at East Woodburn. All that can be recognised today are its fishponds. The medieval parish church, dedicated to St Cuthbert, stands at Corsenside and dates to the 12th century. It was the site of a castle built by Otwell De Lisle in the 1300's. Thomas Lisle, died AFT 1472Woodburn, Northumberland, England. The photo below is what the fishponds might have looked like.

Fishponds at Hallyards De Lisle

Thomas Lisle and Anne Ogle had five sons, Robert, William,Roger, Thomas and John.

Nafferton farm

                                                            Church of St Cuthbert

Church of St Cuthbert, Corsenside
Corenside, St. Cuthbert, west woodburn


Name Birth Death
Children of Thomas Lisle and Anne Ogle

Robert De Lisle (1432-1471) about 1432
Woodbune, Northumberland, England
AFT 2 JUN 1472

William Lisle 1439
Woodburn, Northumberland,England

Roger Lisle 1441
Woodburn, Northumberland, England

Thomas Lisle 1443
Woodburn, Northumberland, England

John Lisle 1446
Woodburn, Northumberland, England
2 Jun 1472



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