Thomas Newton Sewell was born June 1865 in Georgia, United States to Alexander Sewell (1817) and Saletha Baker (1824) . He married Mary Dean (1876) 31 August 1890 in Haralson County, Georgia, United States.

see notes in article on wife Mary Dean.

Documentation notes

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Offspring of Mary Dean and Thomas Sewell (1865)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Georgia Sewell (1891)
John Sewell (1893)
Arthur Sewell (1895)
Louis Sewell (1897)
Lawrence Sewell (1898)
Vera Sewell (c1903)
Cecil Sewell (c1906)
Aaron Sewell (c1908)
Essie Sewell (1912) 1912 Fouke, Miller County, Arkansas 9999 Long Beach, California Walter Hester (1893)


Name Birthdate Birthplace Death date Death place
Children of Mary Dean (1876) and Thomas Sewell (1865)
Georgia Sewell (1891) Georgia L 1891 Buchanan, Georgia
John Sewell (1893) John S 1893 Buchanan
Arthur Sewell (1895)
James Arthur
1895 Buchanan c1912
Louis Sewell (1897) Lewis F 1897 Buchanan
Lawrence Sewell (1898) Lawrence N 1898 Buchanan
Vera Sewell (c1903) c1903 Fouke, Wood Co, TX
Cecil Sewell (c1906) Cecil C
c1906 Fouke
Aaron Sewell (c1908) c1908 Fouke
Essie Sewell (1912)
Essie Mae "Billie"
c1912 Fouke


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Footnotes (including sources)

‡ General
₪ Wedding
  • According to Haralson county records, they were married by T. W. M. Brown, MG. and married on 8-31-1890. Reel 208-9