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Thomas WhiteEdit

According to Howell's "Early History of Southampton - (including Genealogies)", Thomas of Weymouth was born 1599, see White genealogy section.

Vital statisticsEdit

  • Sex: Male




  • Unknown



Military serviceEdit


Family lifeEdit

From Descendants of Thomas White of Weymouth, Mass., 1630-1907

Capt. Thomas White was born in England, the exact date of his birth unknown...

It is of record that he came to America in 1630, for in that year we find him as a citizen of Weymouth, Mass. An early writer has stated that he was a son of William White, who came over in the Mayflower and who according to tradition left his son Thomas in England to be educated....

There is no record as to the name of his wife or where she came from or the date of her death or place of burial, but is undoubtably true that she was of Weymouth and that she died and was buried there...
He was made a freeman in 1635... In 1635 he was designated as Captain Thomas White and was in command of a military company for the maintenance of peace with the Indians. Year after year he was selected to represent Weymouth in the General Court at Boston (1637-1657 continuously; and again for one term in 1671). He died in Weymouth in August 1679."

History of Weymouth, MA: p. 183 (and also 199): Thomas White had 21 acres in Weymouth in 1636. p. 203: Took oath of allegiance to His Majesty, Charles II in 1678-79. John White of Weymouth , and later of Southampton, is thought to be another son, according to Howell's "Early History of Southampton"




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  2. Descendants of Thomas White of Weymouth, Mass., 1630-1907

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