Thomas Whittle, often known as Thomas Whittle the Elder (1803 - 1887) was a renowned (and, to some extent, still is a) British landscape artist.


Thomas Whittle was born in 1803 and christened on 6 November of that year in Beddington With Wallington, Surrey, England. His parents were Thomas and Mary Whittle. Since Thomas was known as 'The Elder,' and his son was known as 'The Younger,' it can be assumed that his own father, also Thomas Whittle, was not an artist. Thomas ('The Elder') had two elder siblings, Susan and William, who were twins, and one younger brother, Charles. Thomas married Harriot Joyner (1805 - 1885) on 1 July 1828 in Lee, Kent. The marriage produced the following children:


Thomas Whittle The Elder was a landscape and still life artist. His works continue to sell for fair amounts through auctions, mainly online. While usually the signature on a work of art is found in the bottom right hand corner, Thomas often signed in the bottom right. Some artworks by Thomas Whittle include:

*Near Abergavenny on the River Usk (no date)

  • Grapes, plums, a peach, a pear and a wicker basket on a stone ledge (1859)
  • Nature's Bounty (1866)
  • Old Watermill (1882)