Thomas Whittle (September 1683 - April 1736)


Nothing is known about Thomas Whittle's early life except that he was christened on 10 September 1683 in Kirkwhelpington, Northumberland and his father's name was also Thomas Whittle. In 1750, Thomas's brother was the parish clerk at Earsdon. As a young boy, Thomas decided to leave his hometown. He found a flock of goats and chose the best one, with the hope it would lead him on many great adventures. Upon arriving Cambo, Thomas was engaged by a miller who he continued to work for for some years. Possessing a fertile imagination, a well-educated mind and good way with words, decided to begin writing poetry as a side to his job as a miller. Thomas eventually became quite a celebrated poet, although became famous almost a century after his death when his works were published by a schoolmaster interested in poetry, in 1815. Throughout his life Thomas was known for being very eccentric, slovenly dressed, clownish in appearance, and very jealous of wealth. Like some eccentric people, Thomas didn't care for personal hygiene, or eating correctly, and died in malnutrition, very poor hygiene, and in destitution in 1731. Sadly since his death, and since his comeback in 1815, Thomas has become unheard of, although his poetry was once very celebrated.