Thomas Wood
Sex: M
Birth:  ?.?.1844
Death: 27.06.1924
Father: George Edward? Wood (1808-1886)
Mother: Elizabeth Ann ( nee Cheesman, nee Bell )
Spouse/Partner: Louisa Ann ( nee Crowhurst ) 1851-?
Marriage: Not known

Refer George Edward? Wood (1808-1886). Thomas was one of two adult sons ( refer George Edward? Wood (1808-1886) )who stayed in NZ, when the parents and other siblings went to NSW in Australia in 1862.


Name Birth Death
Children of ,,,

William WOOD 1870

Phoebe WOOD 1874

Kate WOOD 1877

Mary WOOD 1880

Emily WOOD 1882

Lillian WOOD 1885

Mildred WOOD 1890

Matilda WOOD 1892

Joseph Edward WOOD 1894
Messines Ridge ( France ). Name on Messines Ridge (NZ) Memorial

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