Tiemon Newsom (b. May 9, 1922; Columbia, Marion County, Mississippi - d. June 1979; Veterans Hospital, East Orange, New Jersey) Social Security Number 426223604.


Newsom or Newson or Newsome are variations in the family. He used both "Newsom" and "Newson".


He was born in Columbia, Mississippi on May 9, 1922.



He was one of 13 siblings:

World War IIEdit

He enlisted in the Army in Shelby, Mississippi on August 12, 1943 as a private under the name "Tiemon Newsom". He had only attended grammar school, and worked as a driver in the Army. He moved to New Jersey in the 1950s.


Vinnie Lee Daniels (c1925-1989). She died in September 1989, possibly at Saint Peter's Hospital in Somerset, New Jersey.


He died in 1979 under the name "Tiemon Newson" while living at 172 Suydam Street in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


He was buried in Jameburg, New Jersey.

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