Timen Stiddem
Sex: Male
Birth: about 1610
Death: 1686
Father: Sheriff Luloff Stiddem
Mother: unknown
Spouse/Partner: unknown
Marriage: about 1644 or 1645
2nd Spouse: unknown
2nd Marriage: about 1654
3rd Spouse: Christina Ollesdotter
3rd Marriage: about 1680

Timen Stiddem is the ancestor of all Stidham ancestors in America. He had 5 sons and 4 daughters.

Timen was born in Hammel, probably Denmark. His father, Luloff Stiddem (1580-1639), went to Goteburg, Sweden where he was one of the original founders. Timen decided in 1638 to go to the new world on the Kalmar Nyckel. This was before he was married and he went home on June 15. He went again the same year and came home four years later. HE then married a woman, name unknown and had three children, names unknown. They left again for the new world in 1649 on the Kattan. It reached a storm on August 27 and and left the storm 80 miles from Puerto Rico. They rammed into a cliff and the women and children were taken to a small, uninhabited island 13 miles from the coast. the men joined the next day. French pirates came and killed Doctor Stiddem's wife and children. Captain Boender came and brought Dr. Stiddem and the other 18 that survived home. He went to Sweden and married another time. He returned to New Sweden in 1654 and lived the rest of his days in Wilmington Delaware.


Name Birth Death

Luloff Stedham about 1654
aboard the Orn or in New Sweden
June 1704
New Sweden

Lucas Stedham about 1656
Christina (Wilmington), New Sweden
December 1726
Wilmington, Delaware

Erasmus Stedham about 1658
Christina, Delaware
about 1712
Wilmington, Delaware

Adam Stedham about 1660
Christina, Delaware
about 1695

Benedictus Stedham 1662
Christina, Delaware
25 December 1699

Ingeborg Stedham about 1664

Elizabeth about 1666
Wilmington, Delaware
before 1713

Maria Stedham about 1668
Christina, Delaware
after 1732
Chester County, Pennsylvania

Magdelena Stedham about 1671
Christina, Delaware