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The Dutch surname Tol may refer to toll or to spinning top, it may be a short form of Bartholomew (Aramaic for farmer's son), or the affectionate form of Folkert (Frisian for strong warrior). There are a number of different families with the name Tol in the Netherlands. Tol is also a family name in Turkey. The Volendammer Tollen are probably the most numerous and famous.

Venhuizer TollenEdit

The Tol family from Venhuizen descends from Claes Tol (1600-). A plausible story would be that during the internal colonisation a Folkert/Tol dug what became known as Tol’s Sloot (Tol’s Ditch -- see map), thus claiming ownership of the land (in a Mediaeval version of the Homestead Act). Claes Tol (1600-) would be a descendant of this Folkert/Tol, or may be named after his land.

The majority of this family still live in The Netherlands, and many are still in Venhuizen. There are, however, branches of the family in Australia (established by Paulus) and Ireland (recently arrived with Richard). The closest relatives in the USA are the Remington family (via Wouter's daughter Marie).



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