Trinity Lutheran Cemetery, Gillford Township, Wabasha County, Minnesota

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Trinity Lutheran Cemetery (also called Lincoln Cemetery)
Trinity Evangelical Luthernan Church Zumbro Falls Minnesota
Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
Location Gillford Township, Minnesota
Country Wabasha County, Minnesota
Coordinates Latitude: 44.32444, Longitude: -92.39000
Type Private
Owned by Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church
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See the talk page for more detail of some.


Kohrs Family Marker
  • Wilhelm Kohrs
  • Catherina Kohrs
  • William Kohrs possibly 1904-1982 or 1920-2001 (Married to Melva June 14, 1944)
  • Melva Kohrs (Married to William June 14, 1944)
  • James Kohrs
  • Gerolynn Kohrs
  • Cheryl Kohrs
  • Dale Kohrs
  • Donna Kohrs
  • David Kohrs
Meyers Family Headstone
Meyer Family Headstone (Alfred, Katherine, Claus)
Meyer Family Headstone
  • Anna M. Meyer (1894-1981) Headstone Anna M. Meyer (1894-1981)
  • Charles Meyer (1891-1955) Headstone Charles Meyer (1891-1953)

Additional surnamesEdit

These names appear in the backgrounds of the above photos.

  • Allers
  • Barghusen
  • Giese
  • Henn
  • Heidinger
  • Hinck
  • Juers
  • Kuyath
  • Lohmann
  • Miller
  • Priggs
  • Schumacher
  • Siems
  • Tiedeman
  • Tomfohr
  • Wiebusch
  • Yotter

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