Tunkancanhdeska "Hooping Star" was a Sioux who lived in Red Wing, Minnesota for much of his life. He was generally known as "Indian John" by the townspeople along the Mississippi river, where he traveled often. He was well-liked, and many people in Lake City, Minnesota felt indebted ot him for a warning he gave about an impending Indian attack which never materialized. Those who had been warned of the attack showed their gratitude for eyars after, giving him food and goods whenever he needed them. Later in life he had his photograph taken by an artist named Phillips of Lake City and from then on sold postcards of himself as a way to make money.


He estimated his birth year as 1812.


His death date was referenced in a 1957 newspaper as 1909, but contradicted by an unlikely statement that he died much later at the age of 120 in 1932.

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