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Origin: Norman
Meaning: One who worked with a lathe.
Variant(s): Turnor
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Turner was classed as an occupational surnamemeaning 'the turner', one who worked with a lathe.Histroian Lower quotes, "Out of all proportion to the number of persons engaged in the trade, " also as suggesting that the name was in many cases baptismal and of Norman introduction. In a day that knew little of ornamental fictile vessels the turner would be busy enough, and the only wonder is that it is not, as a surname, as common as Smith.

From 1180 when the surname of TURNER was first registered, one can find many documented spelling variations such as Turnor, Tournour, Turnur etc.. The individual scribe was responsible for these differences, documenting the surname as it sounded. It was thought that the spelling of Turner was standardised during the 18th century.

The surname has been in Ireland since the fifteenth century. In Scotland it is an abbreviation of Macinturner (mac in tuirein). The surname may also derive from various other senses of Middle English ‘turn’, and have originally described a turnspit, translator or interpreter, or tumbler. A rare English an Scots variation has it as the nickname for a fast runner, or an occupational name for an official in charge of a tournament (in French, Tourneur). In Jewish, it is the habitation name from a South Yiddish pronunciation of Yid Torner, denoting a native of inhabitant of the city of Tarnow in Galicia.

Arms: Vair argent and gules on a pale d’or three trefoils slipped vert. Crest: Two wings cojoined saltireways argent charged in the middle with a trefoil slipped vert. Trefoil: This flower or herb bears three-lobed leaves and has been associated with the shamrock or three-leaved clover. On a shield, the trefoil indicates fertility and abundance. Motto: Pro Patria For My Country

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