"From Thursday 27th April until 1st May 2017, over 1.9 billion birth marriage, death & and census records will be completely free to search and explore at Findmypast
"This includes 595 million UK BMDs, the largest collection available online, over 80 million exclusive parish records you won’t find anywhere else, over 13 million Catholic Sacramental Registers covering England, Ireland, Scotland & the US, and over 168 million United States Marriages"
"From 09:00 BST, 27th April until 23:00 BST, May 1st 2017, all record matches on Findmypast Family trees and the 1.9 billion records they cover will be completely free to view and explore."

BST is an hour ahead of GMT/UTC. So we in NZ have until 10 a.m. on 2nd May. In my experience you can go on longer if you stay online and just "Edit" a search instead of starting a new one.

And another one less than two months later! "Findmypast have well over a billion records in their British and Irish collections, and until midnight (London time) on Monday 26th June almost all of them will be completely free! All they ask in return is that you register with them if you haven't already done so ..." (quoting from the LostCousins newsletter). So get stuck in there, folks!

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