Valborg Margrethe Fischer
Tandberg Family-W
Sex: Female
Birth: 1848
Oslo, Norway
Death: 1915
Oslo, Norway
Father: Christian Andreas Fischer, Jr. (1816-1863)
Mother: Maren Kirstine Kronsteen (1821-1902)
Siblings: Valborg Marie Fischer (1844-1848)
Christian Emanuel Fischer (1845-?)
Nils Jacob Fischer (1850-1890)
Severin Mathea Fischer
Fransisca Marie Fischer
Martin Severin Fischer
Oscar August Fischer
Gustav Adolf Fischer (1858-1905)
Martha Christine Fischer (1860-?)
Spouse/Partner: Andreas Thorsen Tandberg (1846-1910)
Marriage: April 2, 1872 (age 26)
146 years ago
Oslo, Norway
Children: Christian Tandberg (1872-1947)
Thorvald Martin Tandberg (1874-1970)
Valborg Andrea Tandberg
Andrea Tandberg (1876)
Nils Jacob Tandberg (1878-?)
Johannes Emanuel Tandberg (1878-1880)
Erling August Normann Tandberg (1879-1972)
Ragnhild Aagot Tandberg (1880)
Bjarne Adolf Trygve Tandberg (1884-1885)
Gudrun Ingebjorg Louise Tandberg (1887-1907)
Ragnhild Aagot Martha Tandberg (1887-?)

Valborg Margrethe Fischer (1848-1915) aka Walborg Fisher (b. 1848, Kristiania, Akershus, Norway - d. 1915, Kristiania, Akershus, Norway)


From 1878 to 1924, Kristiania was the name used for Norway's capital, Oslo. On January 01, 1925 the name was changed from Kristiania to Oslo.


She was the daughter of Maren Kirstine Kronsteen (1821-1902) and Christian Andreas Fischer, Jr. (1816-1863). By 1865 Maren was a widow.


Valborg was born on 06 October 1848 in Kristiania, Akershus, Norway.



Valborg married Andreas Thorsen Tandberg (1846-1910) on 02 April 1872 in Trinity Church in Oslo, Norway


1865 CensusEdit

In 1865 Valborg lived at "Nedre (Lower) Voldgate, Trefoldigheds Menighed". Maren Christine Fischer was working as a "bogbinder eier af gaarden". In the home was: Christian Emanuel Fischer (1845-?) a student; Valborg Margrethe Fischer (1848-?); Oskar August Fischer (1855-?); Gustav Adolf Fischer (1857-?); and Martha Christine Fischer (1859-?).

Norway to USAEdit

On April 04, 1872 Valborg and Andreas bought tickets on the Allan Brothers ship "Hero" and sailed on May 05, 1872 from Kristiania, Norway to Toronto, Canada. Andreas was listed as a Sergeant. Their names were listed as "Valborg Tandberg" and Andreas Tandberg". On May 27, 1892 "Valborg Tandberg" bought a ticket and went from Kristiania to Portland, Maine. She was traveling alone.

1875 CensusEdit

In 1875 they were living at Nedre (Lower) Voldgade 11 in Kristiania, Norway. Andreas was working as a "handlende" and he was born in Hønefos. Living at home were: Christian Tandberg; and Thorvald Martin Tandberg.

1900 CensusEdit

She was living at Stolmagergaden 3 in Kristiania, Norway in the home of her son-in-law Andreas. Andreas was listed as working as a "fabrikeier mek værksted & jernsengfabr." Valborg Margrethe Fischer was listed as "Walborg Tandberg" and her mother, Maren Christine Fischer (1821-after1900) who is listed as "Maren Ficher", was living with them. Andreas and Maren's children at home were: Christian, who was listed as "Chr. Tandberg" and was working as a "portier & tolk"; Erling, who was working as a "bicyclearbeider"; Gudrun; and Ragnhild.


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