Vernon W. Lippelmann, the second child of Harry Lippelmann and the former Julia Martin, was born in St. Louis on April 27, 1911. As a young man, Vernon worked for Laclede Gas Company in St. Louis. In the 1950s, he was an insurance adjuster for L.B. Lansing Co., and lived with his brother, Harry W., and his sister-in-law, Ann, at 4562 Fair Avenue. He never married.

Vernon died suddenly on November 7, 1957, while at the offices of the Lawton-Byrne-Bruner insurance brokers, 401 Pine Street. The cause of death was heart disease and coronary thrombosis. He was buried at Zion Cemetery, 7401 Saint Charles Rock Road, on November 11.

Family Edit

Wife: none


 Harry Lippelmann (1880-1960)
 Julia Lippelmann (Martin) (1881-1961)


 Harry W. Lippelmann (1906-1964)


 Johann H. "Herman Henry" Lippelmann (1844-1894)[1]
 Karoline Wilhelmine Lippelmann (Pieper) (1849-1???)[2]
 Fred Martin (1860-1912)
 Susan Martin (Rauser) (1857-1943)


 Casper Hermann Lippelmann (1802-1889)[3]
 Frederica Charlotte Lippelmann (Horstkotte) (1806-1865)[4]
 Mr. Pieper (18??-1???)
 Mrs. Pieper (18??-1???)
 Joseph Martin (1829-1894)
 Elise Martin (Mueller) (c.1828-1906)
 Mr. Rauser (18??-1???)
 Mrs. Rauser (18??-1???)

Trivia Edit

Although he was listed as Vernon W. Lippelmann on his death certificate, other sources show Vernon's full name as Herman Vernon Lippelmann.


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