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Origin: variant of "Vicker", from the Middle English variant "vicarie", derived directly from Latin "vicarius"

(see The Vickery Surname)

Meaning: occupational name for a parish priest
Variant(s): Vickary
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Detail of originEdit

The surname of VICKERY was a locational name 'the dweller at the vicar's house from residence therein'. The name was derived from the Old Latin word VICARIUS, and was originally used to denote someone who carried out pastoral duties on behalf of an absentee holder of a benefice. It became a regular word for a parish priest because in practice most benefice-holders were absentees.

Individuals with that surname but no separate pageEdit

Early records of the name mention Peter atte Vicars, listed in the Yorkshire Poll Tax of 1379. William Vickers of County Lancashire was documented in the year 1389, and Edward Vickary appears in Yorkshire in 1400. Later instances of the name mention John Vicars who was baptised at St. James's, Clerkenwell, London in 1655. Francis Vickers married Elizabeth Lamden at St. Peter, Cornhill, London in 1689. The associated arms are recorded in Sir Bernard Burkes General Armory. Ulster King of Arms in 1884

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