Vivion Daniel II was born 1765 in Middlesex County to Vivion Daniel (1726-1803) and Elizabeth Vivion (bef1737-bef1798) and died 3 August 1837 in near Morning View of unspecified causes. Notable ancestors include Henry II of England (1133-1189), William I of England (1027-1087), Charlemagne (747-814), Hugh Capet (c940-996), Rurik (c832-879), Alfred the Great (849-899). Ancestors are from the United States, the United Kingdom, England, France, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands.


  • 1. Vivion Daniel (1765-1837)



(Children of Elizabeth Vivion and Vivion Daniel, Sr.)


Offspring of Vivion Daniel and Elizabeth Vivion (bef1737-bef1798)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Peter Daniel (1760-1821) 29 September 1760 1821 Nancy Hunt (1775-1816)

Nancy Daniel (c1762-)
Frances Daniel (c1763-c1810) 1763 1810 John Dale (c1763-1833)

Jane Daniel (1764-1800) 1764 1800 George Quesenberry

Vivion Daniel (1765-1837) 1765 Middlesex County 3 August 1837 near Morning View
Margaret Daniel (1767-) 1767 Virginia, United States John Collins (-bef1802)

Elizabeth Daniel (1769-1802)
John Daniel (aft1775-1821)
  1. Peter Daniel was born 29 Sep 1760, and died 1821. He married Nancy Hunt 1792, daughter of John Hunt. She was born 24 Jan 1775, and died 1816.
  2. Nancy Daniel. She married Tyre Oldham before 1803. She married Shelton C. Watkins 6 Jul 1807.
  3. Frances Daniel was born ABT 1763 in Bedford, Virginia, and died ABT 1810 in Jackson County, Tennessee. She married John Dale ABT 1788 in Bedford, Virginia. He was born 1763 in VA (Probably Fauquier Cty.), and died 28 Aug 1833 in Sparta, White County, Tennessee.
  4. Jane Daniel was born 1764, and died 1800. She married George Quesenberry 4 Jun 1783 in Orange County, Virginia.
  5. Vivion Daniel was born 1765, and died 3 Aug 1837 in near Morning View, Campbell County, Kentucky.
  6. Margaret Daniel was born 1767 in Virginia. She married John Collins 10 May 1797, but was described as "single" in her father's will dated June 1802.
  7. Elizabeth Daniel was born 1769, and died 1802.
  8. John Daniel was born AFT 1775, and died 1821 in Clark Cty., KY. He married Lydia Jackson 14 Jul 1803 in Clark County, KY.



Lineage to English monarchy

Line of ascendancy to Henry II, King of England: correct (March 2009) lineage of Martha Eltonhead and her daughter Eltonhead Conway. contributed by Marianne Dillow, given to her by Douglas Richardson, author of "Plantagenet Ancestry, 2004" and "Magna Carta Ancestry", 2005.

Henry II, King of England, with a mistress, Ida de Tosny.

William Longespée, Knt., 3rd Earl of Salisbury, married Ela of Salisbury.

Stephen Longespée, Knt., of King’s Sutton, Northamptonshire, married Emeline de Ridelisford.

Ela Longespée married Roger la Zouche, Knt., of Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire.

Alan la Zouche, Knt., Lord Zouche, married Eleanor De Segrave.

Maud la Zouche married Robert de Holand, Knt., 1st Lord Holand.

Maud (or Matilda) de Holand married Thomas de Swinnerton, Knt., 3rd Lord Swinnerton.

Robert de Swinnerton, Knt., 4th Lord Swinnerton, married Elizabeth de Beke.

Maud Swinnerton married John Savage, Knt., of Clifton, Cheshire.

Mary Savage married (as his 1st wife) William Stanley, Esq., of Hooton (in Wirral), Cheshire.

William Stanley, Esq., of Hooton (in Wirral), Cheshire, Stanley, married Alice Hoghton (or Houghton).

William Stanley, Knt., of Hooton (in Wirral), Cheshire, married Agnes Grosvenor.

William Stanley, Knt., Hooton (in Wirral), Cheshire, married Anne Harington.

Peter Stanley, Esq., of Moor Hall (in Aughton), Lancashire, married Cecily Tarleton.

Anne Stanley married Edward Sutton, Gent., of Knowsley (in Huyton), Lancashire and Hall House (in Rushton Spencer), Staffordshire.

Ann Sutton married Richard Eltonhead, Gent., of Eltonhead (in Prescot), Lancashire.

Martha Eltonhead married Edwin Conway, Gent., of Northampton and Lancaster Counties, Virginia.

Eltonhead Conway married Henry Thacker, sr.

Henry Thacker, Jr. (1663-1708) and Elizabeth Payne

Elizabeth Thacker (1694-1732) and John Vivion II (1681-1722)

John Vivion III (1714-aft1791) and Jane Smith (1715-1804)

Elizabeth Vivion (bef1737-bef1798) and Vivion Daniel (1726-1803)

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