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Origin: Germany
Meaning: wagon maker or wagon driver
Variant(s): Wagoner
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German (also Wägner) and Jewish (Ashkenazic): occupational name for a carter or cartwright, from an agent derivative of Middle High German wagen ‘cart’, ‘wagon’, German Wagen. The German surname is also well established in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, eastern Europe, and elsewhere as well as in German-speaking countries. [1]

From Middle High German wagener meaning "cartwright".

From the Germanic "Waganari," meaning wagonmaker or wagon driver. This common occupational surname was often given to one who transported produce or other goods via high-sided wagons or carts. Among some German populations, especially the Pennsylvania Germans, Wagner also denoted a wagon-maker, wainwright, or cartwright.[2]

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  • Wagners Wagons Westward by Thelma Behimer Wagner.
  • John Wagner and His Twelve Children of Harrison County, Ohio and Surrounding Counties, 1776-1984 by Audrey L. Wagner.
  • The Descendants of Michael Wagoner, ca. 1774-1826 by Margaret M. Wagner.

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