Waite October 1944

Waite, 1944

Waite 1945

Waite, 1945

Waite on horse

Waite, summer 1948, near Westcliffe, CO

Waite Robert Osterkamp was born on November 7, 1939. Waite has two children: Jeffrey (b. 1969) and Laurel (b. 1971).

Family Edit


Linda Osterkamp (Kautz) (b. 1942)


Cliff Osterkamp (1892-1959)
Constance Osterkamp (Waite) (1909-1983)


Sue McConnell (Osterkamp) (b. 1935)


Robert Osterkamp (1855-1915)
Augusta Osterkamp (Martin) (1857-1923)
Herbert H. Waite (1868-1931)
Mary Waite (Ames) (1874-1911)

Great grandparents (8):

Hicke Osterkamp (1819-1889)
Caroline Osterkamp (Nicolai) (1829-1884)
Joseph Martin (1829-1894)
Elise Martin (Mueller) (c.1828-1906)
Elbridge Waite (1847-19??)
Emma Crouch (1848-)
John Augustus Ames (1846-1921)
Elizabeth Shaw (1854-1916)

2nd great grandparents (16):

Parents of Hicke Osterkamp
Parents of Caroline Osterkamp (Nicolai)
Parents of Joseph Martin
Parents of Elise Martin (Mueller)
John Waite (1795-1882)
Harriet Wait (Coburn) (1799-1889)
Charles Crouch (1829-1901)
Susan Crouch (Alvord) (1828-1855)
Augustus Ames (1817-1867)
Frances Ames (McQueen) (1825-1???)
Charles Shaw (1???-1???)
Mary Shaw (Strickler) (1???-1???)

3rd great grandparents (32):

Grandparents of Hicke Osterkamp
Grandparents of Caroline Osterkamp (Nicolai)
Grandparents of Joseph Martin
Grandparents of Elise Martin (Mueller)
Joel "Landlord" Waite (1754-1834)
Deborah Waite (Blood) (1755-1829)
Parents of Harriet Wait (Coburn)
Elisha Crouch (1796-18??)
Olive Crouch (Brown) (c.1805-1876)
Isaac Alvord (1805-18??)
Olive Alvord (Weeks) (c.1807-18??)
Parents of Augustus Ames
Charles McQueen (1800-c.1882)
Hester McQueen (Hitt) (1799-1857)
Parents of Charles Shaw
Parents of Mary Shaw (Strickler)

4th great grandparents (64):

 Great grandparents of Hicke Osterkamp
 Great grandparents of Caroline Osterkamp (Nicolai)
 Great grandparents of Joseph Martin
 Great grandparents of Elise Martin (Mueller)
 John Waite, Jr. (1703-1776)
 Submit Waite (Hastings) (1707-1???)
 Simon Blood (1723-1765)
 Sarah Blood (Gilson) (1724-1809)
 Grandparents of Harriet Wait (Coburn)
 Jonathan Crouch (1745-1812)
 Anna Crouch (Hill) (1753-1812)
 William "Billy" Brown (17??-18??)
 Huldah Brown (Prince) (1765-18??)
 Isaac Alvord (1779-1848)
 Sarah "Sally" Alvord (Barker) (1777-1863)
 Samuel Weeks (1765-1843)
 Lydia Weeks (Williams) (17??-18??)
 Grandparents of Augustus Ames
 Alexander McQuain (c.1756-1825)*
 Mary McQuain (Bodkin) (17??-18??)
 Parents of Hester McQueen (Hitt)
 Grandparents of Charles Shaw
 Grandparents of Mary Shaw (Strickler)

5th great grandparents (128):

 2nd great grandparents of Hicke Osterkamp
 2nd great grandparents of Caroline Osterkamp (Nicolai)
 2nd great grandparents of Joseph Martin
 2nd great grandparents of Elise Martin (Mueller)
 John Waite, Sr. (1680-1744)
 Mary Waite (Belden) (1685-17??)
 Benjamin Hastings (1659-1711)
 Mary Hastings (Clark) (1663-1711)
 James Blood (1687-1752)
 Catherine Blood (Nutting) (1693-17??)
 Joseph Gilson Jr. (1694-1760)
 Mary Gilson (Shed) (1689-1747)
 Great grandparents of Harriet Wait (Coburn)
 Jonathan Crouch (1719-1796)
 Elizabeth Crouch (Worster) (c.1720-1781)
 Enoch Hill (c.1724-1752)
 Sarah Hill (Rugg) (1728-1???)
 Parents of William "Billy" Brown
 Stephen Prince (1730-1???)
 Abigail Prince (Perkins) (1736-1820)
 Jehial Alvord (1756-1829)
 Dorothy Alvord (French) (c.1758-1843)
 Abijah Barker (1746-1828)
 Delight Barker (Dewey) (1754-1842)
 Hezekiah Weeks (c.1739-1819)
 Ruth Weeks (Cole) (c.1744-c.1830)
 Isaac Williams (c.1739-c.1830)
 Mary Williams (Arnold) (1745-1789)
 Great grandparents of Augustus Ames
 Parents of Alexander McQuain
 Hugh Bodkin (c.1736-1801)
 Hester "Esther" Bodkin (Farmer) (1740-c.1801)
 Grandparents of Hester McQueen (Hitt)
 Great grandparents of Charles Shaw
 Great grandparents of Mary Shaw (Strickler)

6th great grandparents (256):

 3rd great grandparents of Hicke Osterkamp
 3rd great grandparents of Caroline Osterkamp (Nicolai)
 3rd great grandparents of Joseph Martin
 3rd great grandparents of Elise Martin (Mueller)
 Benjamin Waite (c.1644-1704)
 Martha Waite (Leonard) (1649-1704)
 Stephen Belding (1658-1720)
 Mary Belding (Wells) (1664-1751)
 Thomas Hastings (1605-1685)
 Margaret Hastings (Cheney) (1628-1678)
 Nathaniel Clark (1642-1669)
 Mary Clark (Meekins Meacham) (16??-1???)
 James Blood (1646-1692)
 Abigail Blood (Kemp) (1664-1???)
 James Nutting (16??-1???)
 Lydia Nutting (Longley) (16??-1???)
 Joseph Gilson (1667-1735)
 Hepsibah Gilson (1670-1690)
 John Shed (1655-1737)
 Sarah Shed (Chamberlain) (1655-1735)
 2nd great grandparents of Harriet Wait (Coburn)
 Jonathan Crouch (1695-1746)
 Mary Whitney (Crouch) (1692-1770)
 Ebenezer Worster (1???-17??)
 Deliverance Looke (Worster) (1???-17??)
 Parents of Enoch Hill
 Daniel Rugg (1678-1758)
 Elizabeth Rugg (Priest) (1679-1754)
 Grandparents of William "Billy" Brown
 David Prince (1702-17??)
 Phebe Prince (Fuller) (1706-17??)
 William Perkins (1???-17??)
 Elizabeth Perkins (Nelson) (1???-17??)
 Jonathan Alvord (c.1711-1796)
 Elizabeth Alvord (Goslin) (1711-1775)
 Abiather (Abiatha) French (1732-1815)
 Margaret French (Niles) (1735-1???)
 Joseph Barker (1719-1795)
 Elizabeth Barker (Foote) (1722-1809)
 Azariah Dewey (1722-1760)
 Priscilla Dewey (Austin) (17??-1???)
 William Weeks  (c.1687-c.1754)
 Mary Weeks  (c.1690-17??)
 Ebenezer Cole (1711-1790)
 Ruth Cole (Churchill) (1718-1806)
 Isaac Williams (1694-c.1745)
 Dorothy Williams (Freeman) (1709-c.1745)
 Samuel Arnold (1722-1???)
 Martha Arnold (c.1726-1817)
 2nd great grandparents of Augustus Ames
 Grandparents of Alexander McQuain
 Richard Bodkin (c.1710-17??)
 Elizabeth Bodkin (c.1712-17??)
 Thomas Farmer (1???-1???)
 Mother of Hester "Esther" Bodkin (Farmer)
 Great grandparents of Hester McQueen (Hitt)
 2nd great grandparents of Charles Shaw
 2nd great grandparents of Mary Shaw (Strickler)

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