From: Subject: Goochland , Rockbridge, Lunenburg & Cumberland , Brunswick, Greenbriar Co.Marriages Date: September 30, 2006 12:55:52 PM EDT To:,

Hi Folks Had a few minutes at the library and found these, just picked out counties that interested us on the Dicey & Spicy search. Nina

McDonald, Cecil D. 1972-1975 (Reference)

Walker, Alexander Magdaline Harner 22 Mar 1790 Augusta Co.
Walker, Joseph Grizzel McCroskey 22 FEb 1791 Augusta Co.
Walker, Jonathan Sary Conaldly 8 Sept 1791 Augusta Co.
Walker, Edward Catherine Kennedy 1 Mar 1798 Augusta Co.
Walker, Peyton Hannah Thompson 1794 Bath Co.
Walker, Oliver Millie Webb 1779 Botetourt Co.
Walker, James Jane Carden 1781 Botetourt Co.
Walker, John Susanna Givens 1791 Botetourt Co.
Walker, David Mary Elliott 31 May 1786 Brunswick Co.
Walker, Philip Agnes Watson 25 Aug 1753 Goochland Co.
Walker, Peter Sarah Wadley 6 Nov 1766 Goochland Co.
Walker, John Lydia Gilbert 2 Mar 1769 Goochland Co.
Walker, Philip Mary Smith 25 May 1769 Goochland Co.
Walker, David Elizabeth Gilbert 13 Oct 1770 Goochland Co.
Walker, Joel Sarah Bowen 3 Jan 1774 Goochland Co.
Walker, James Fanny Cannon 26 June 1774 Goochland Co.
Walker, Shadrack Hannah Shepherd 21 Jan 1782 Goochland Co.
Walker, Peter Elenor Clarke 8 Apr 1783 Goochland Co.
Walker, Peter Elizabeth Ellis 25 Nov 1785 Goochland Co.
Walker, George Eliza Green 31 Jul 1787 Goochland Co.
Walker, Joseph Susan Willis 22 July 1789 Goochland Co.
Walker, James Catherine Miller 9 Sept 1783 Greenbriar Co.
Walker, Vincent Delilah Thrift 30 Dec 1782 Lunenburg To.
Walker, Thomas Susannah Johnson 2 Dec 1783 Lunenburg Co.
Walker, Richard Mary Johnson 13 Dec 1793 Lunenburg Co.
Walker, Olliver Sarah Parrish 23 Nov. 1797 Lunenburg Go.
Walker, Thomas Messeniah Powell Aug 1783 Orange Co.
Walker, Benjamin Polly Sims 1795 Orange Co.
Walker, Joseph Mary Hayse 1784 Rockbridge Co.
Walker, Joseph Kitty Kelso 1794 Rockbridge Co.
Walker, Philip Jean McDaniel 1795 Rockbridge Co.
Walker, William Elizabeth Casteel 1795 Rockbridge Co.
Walker, Alexander Nancy Culton 1797 Rockbridge Co.
Walker, Charles Catharine Dyal 1798 Rockbridge Co.,
Walker, Walter Grissel Buchanon 20 Apr 1797 Wythe Co.

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