Reverend for early 19th Century New England Churches

Doctorate of Divinity (Rev. Warren Fay, D.D.). Several other family were quite active in the clergy.

Google records several funeral sermons preached and recorded by the Reverend.

Vital StatisticsEdit

Son of Nahum Fay (1757-1817) and Lucy Warren (1762-1850)

1784-Feb-17 : Birth at Northboro, Worchester Co, Massachusetts USA

1808- Fall : Married Betsey Maynard (1786-1836) (Sister in law to older brother).

1814 : Installation to the Priesthood

1864 : Death per School Author Library Card Catalog


He married Betsey Maynard on 13 Oct 1808 in Berlin, MA. Warren was employed as a clergyman. As several of their children were born at Harvard, MA at about the same time of his installation to the priesthood (1814), I would assume that Harvard was where Warren earned his Doctorate of Divinity (D.D.) degree. Several of the published sermons come from nearby churches at this time.

Pastoral DutiesEdit

  • 1814-Jan-26 : Installation as Pastor of First Congregational Church in Charlestown, MA
  • 1841 - Secretary of the Charlestown Society of the Congregational Church

Sermons Published by Warren FayEdit

  • 1812-Jul-17 : Funeral Sermon for Mrs Nancy Ely - (National Library of Australia)
  • 1814-Jan-30 : Two Sermons delivered at Harvard, the first sabbath after his own ordination (Nat'l Lib of Australia)
  • 1822-Jan-01 : Sermon at the Ordination of Rev Joseph Bennett of the Woburn MA Congregational Church (Google Books)

Death Date - 1864 ResearchEdit

1864 : Death per School Author Library Card Catalog,%20Warren,%201784-1864%22&offset=1&max=6

Listing in Author Catalog at Australia Library - Fay, Warren 1784-1864).

Children of Warren Fay and Betsey Maynard:Edit

Six Children. See this webpage for info about descendants:

  1. Rev Samuel Austin Fay (1809-1842) - born on 19 Nov 1809. He died on 19 Dec 1842.
  2. Eliza Fay (1811-1811) - born on 26 Nov 1811. She died in Dec 1811.
  3. Eliza Warren Fay (1814-1833) - born on 03 Mar 1814 in Harvard, MA. She died in Feb 1833.
  4. Warren Fay Jr (1815-1816) - born on 08 Dec 1815 in Harvard, MA. He died on 28 Apr 1816 in Harvard, MA. ( age 4 months, 20 days)
  5. Susan Stevens Fay (1817-1854) - born on 30 May 1817 in Harvard, MA. She died in 1854.
  6. Deacon Edward Warren Fay (1820-1855) - born on 08 Jan 1820. He died on 09 Dec 1855.