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Wendell Luverne Olson was born 16 October 1923 in Milaca, Minnesota, United States to George Olaf Olson (1893-1972) and Effie Larson (1897-1985) . He married Ione Anna Meyer (1923-2010) in Lake City, Minnesota, United States. Ancestors are from the United States, Sweden.
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Offspring of Ione Meyer and Wendell Luverne Olson (1923)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Cynthia Ann Olson (1948) 26 April 1948 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States Matthias Anthony Lynch (1944)
Hans Joachim Peters (1928-2004)

Peter Meyer Olson (1952-2003) 7 November 1952 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States 27 February 2003 Bloomington, Minnesota, United States


Offspring of George Olson and Effie Larson (1897-1985)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Lorimer G. Olson (1921)
Wendell Luverne Olson (1923) 16 October 1923 Milaca, Minnesota, United States Ione Anna Meyer (1923-2010)

Elaine Dorothy Olson (1926-1990) 18 November 1926 Borgholm Township, Minnesota, United States 24 February 1990 Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Robert A. Olson (c1930)
George Olson (c1931)


Wendell served in the U.S. Army during WWII. He was stationed at Windie Island as a clerk attached to a medical unit. His main job was to type up orders. His unit was one of those who took in wounded from around the Philippines, including many survivors of the Bataan Death March. He does not talk about that chapter in his life willingly, saying that he, "saw some horrible things." He is also happy to say that he never fired his weapon at anyone.


Wendell has both his maternal and paternal DNA on file through


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