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Having married Ellen, daughter of George Mainwaring, who on the death of her brother in 1891, became entitled to the Whitmore hall estate in Staffordshire, he assumed the additional name of Mainwaring.

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Early Life and EducationEdit

Arrived in South Australia from Victoria in 1854


farmer, land agent and MP

  • Member for Yatala in the Assembly of South Australia from 1863 to 1881
    • Commissioner of Crown Lands, under Mr [Henry] Strangways, from Nov. 1868 to May 1870
    • Commissioner of Public Works in the [Sir Henry] Ayers Government from March 1872 to July 1873
  • In 1887 he received permission to bear the title Honourable.

Family LifeEdit

Cavenagh departed for England in 1892 and died there in 1895.


Golden Wattle


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