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Westbrook Crest

Description of the coat-of arms: Gules, a leopard’s face jessant-de-lis, or. The background color gules (red) signifies military fortitude and magnanimity. The leopard (or = gold) represents a brave and courageous warrior who takes risks in the pursuit of his goal. An armed leg couped above the knee, proper purfled or (studded with gold), spur of the last. The leg symbolizes strength, stability and expedition.

Origin: England

In this case, it is derived from the place name "Westbrook" of which there are places so named in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Devon, Dorset, Hertford, Kent, Surrey, and the Isle of Wight.

Meaning: The English surname "Westbrook" is a locational name - being one of those names derived from the place where a person once lived or owned land.

The name means 'The village or parish built to the west of the brook'. In pre 7th century Olde English - brook, or rather bróc, did not only just a stream. It was a generic word which had different meanings depending on pronunciation in different parts of the country, but it always meant water.(pronounced as broc it would mean toil, fragment , and as brocc it would mean badger)

So the place name means "western brook" or "west of the brook" and thus would describe the position of the village or parish in relation to the brook. The surname simply denotes one whose place of residence Westbrook was.

Variant(s): Westbrooke
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Early instances of the name include a reference to Reginald de Westbróc in the Feel of Fines for Kent in 1255 and John de Westbroke in the Subsidy Rolls for Cambridgeshire in 1327. Edmund Westbrook appears in the Feel of Fines for Essex in 1440 while one Mark Westbrooke, of Surrey, was registered at the University of Oxford in 1584. There are about twenty-thousand bearers of the name in the United States today.

Frequency Comparisons
Total Rank Frequency % Per million people
Great Britain
United Kingdom (current) 1595 3566 0.003 35
United Kingdom (1881 census) 1396 2982 0.005 47
Change since 1881 +199 -584 -0.002 -12
Other Countries
United States 19781 1660 0.007 73
Australia 544 2971 0.003 33


  • Total is the total number of people with that surname.
  • Rank is the position in the list of names ordered by total (eg, a rank of 1 means that it's the most common name, and a rank of 10 means it's the tenth most common, etc).
  • Frequency is the percentage of people with that surname.
  • Per million people is the number of people with that surname per million of the population.


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