Wheeler family of Baltimore County, Maryland (St. Paul's Parish)

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This article discusses the Wheeler family of the Saint Paul's Parish of Baltimore County, Maryland.


Members of this family are descendants of J. William Wheeler (1658-1738), who was originally from Anne Arundel County, near Annapolis.

Top Priority Research & Administrative TasksEdit

  • Create articles for all of William's children.
  • Improve quality of William's biography.
  • Extend descendant chart to include all living branches of the family which appeared in the 1790 census.
  • Assess the accuracy of the proposed connection of William to potential parents John and Mary Wheeler of England.
  • Create articles for all land parcels/estates owned by the family for ease in sorting out the various family branches with similar names from one another.
  • Create articles for notable descendants.
  • Determine which branches of the family are still living as of 2008.
  • Identify candidates for DNA testing.

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