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Author(s)/Editor(s):Emma Siggins White
Date:January 1903
Title:Genealogical History of the Descendants of John Walker of Wigton, Scotland, 1600-1902. (Communication from the Author.)
Publisher:Virginia Historical Magazine
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Commentary:I would like to call the attention of the readers of this Magazine to a mistake which I find in their review of my book, “Genealogy of the Descendants of John Walker of Wigton, Scotland”. If you will notice we do not claim descent from Rev. Samuel Rutherford, but we do claim relationship to this worthy divine, and have many proofs of same. On page 489 of his History of Virginia Henry Howe says that James Moore (whose mother was Jane Walker, daughter of John of Wigton) was a lineal descendant of Rev. Samuel Rutherford; failing to find proof of this assertion I only say in my book that he was nearly related to our ancestor, John Rutherford. My authority for this was found in a MS. left by Rev. William McPheeters of North Carolina, and his authority was Joseph G. Walker, son of the emigrant, John. Rev. John S. Grasty in his memoir of Rev. S. B. McPheeters gives Rev. Joseph Alleine as the father of the wife of John Rutherford, whose daughter married John Walker of Wigton. He also says, on page 17 of his memoir, " this John Rutherford, the g. g. grandfather of Rev. Wm. McPheeters, was either the nephew or full first cousin of that distinguished divine, Rev. Samuel Rutherford of Scotland."

In addition to the above there are several old records preserved in the family, one of which was compiled by Judge P. H. Walker, Judge of the Supreme Court of Illinois for over thirty years. In all of these records reference is made to our descent from Rev. Joseph Alleine and relationship to Rev. Samuel Rutherford. In several places in my book I quote these authorities, as the index will show.

In reference to the claim of the Logans to royal descent I will say that the material for the David Logan chart, appearing in my book, was gleaned from various reliable sources. The names of a few of which I herewith append:

"The Scottish Nation," Vol. II, by William Anderson; "Colonial Dames of Royal Descent," "Irvines and their Kin," by Boyd; "Dictionary of Landed Gentry," by Burke; "Burke's Peerage;" "Matthews' American Armory;" "Americans of Royal Descent," by Browning.

I will cheerfully furnish pages of reference and other authorities to anyone desiring to look the subject up.

Emma Siggins White, Kansas City, MO - January 1903

The above is in response to a review in the William and Mary College Quarterly Historical Magazine VOL. XI JULY, 1902 No. 1. Historical and Genealogical Notes: Genealogical History of Walkers and Allied Families.