Create a Wigton Walker Person ArticleEdit

This "input box" creates a basic ancestor article or page. It is intended for use where the main need is to record family information. Additional data may be added should the need arise.

Use the form First Last (YOB-YOD)
NO Spaces between dates, use "c", "bef" and "aft" to condition the dates.


To create a article for a particular person in the Wigton Walkers line:

  • First check to be sure a page hasn't already been done for that person. You can do this by using the search box below.
  • Alternatively, check the White Descendancy Table
  • Also check Wigton-on-the-Wiki for a list of Wigton Walkers already created.
  • If an article already exists, and you want to say something more, edit that page, but see Courtesy and Alternative Viewpoints first.
  • If the page does not yet exist, have at it yourself! Just enter the name of the desired article in the box below. The resulting "stub" will be consistent with other Wigton Walker pages, and can be edited to include whatever you want to say. See Naming Articles for guidance on naming conventions.
    (Caution: While you can organize an article just about anyway you want, the article names need to follow the standard conventions so that we don't trip over our own feet and accidently create duplicate articles under different names.)

Find an ArticleEdit

Create a Wigton Walker Research ArticleEdit

This "input box" creates a more complex article, where space is needed for the display of family records, research notes, etc.

Use the form First Last (YOB-YOD)
NO Spaces between dates, use "c", "bef" and "aft" to condition the dates.

Create a Blank ArticleEdit

This is for cases where you don't want to use the standard Wigton Walker Template

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