[NB: This page needs considerable work to make it funcitonal. Will do that in future, time permittingBill 01:46, 10 November 2006 (UTC)]

This page serves as a registry of people searching different Wigton Walker lineages, as defined by White 1902. There are

  • two lineages under Alexander 1 of Wigton Scotland,
  • eight lineages under John II the Emigrant
  • one lineage not covered in White 1902

If you like, please edit the following tables to show from whom you trace your descent.

  • Alexander Walker I (c1682-?) = Jane Cowan ? (?-?)

    • John Walker (?-1797) aka "Gunstocker John" = Mary Culton (?-aft1797) [Phil Rhoton]
    • Alexander Walker II (? - c1785) aka "Sawney" =Jane (?-?) White 1902:625

Lines identified from DNA evidence, but not included in White 1902.

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