Wilford H. Freeze
Freeze- Wilford 1848
Sex: Male
Birth: 19 Dec 1848 Havelock, Kings, NB, Can.
Death: 4 Nov 1902
Burial: Greenhill Cem., Havelock, N.b., Canada
Father: Anson Freeze (1821)
Mother: Frances Miller (1821)
Spouse/Partner: Alfretta Alward (1854) (Gretta)
Marriage: Abt 1872 Havelock, , N.b., Canada

Wilford H. Freeze sometimes spelled as Wilfred

Documentation notesEdit

  • Tagged as Ancestry from Scotland because it seems to be generally thought that the McCready family got to Ireland when Cromwell's army went.


  • Benjamin Freeze (c1874)
  • Alfred F. FREEZE born Havelock 20 Feb 1873, died 13 Nov 1957, Gainesville FL.
  • Herbert Eldon FREEZE died as boy born 22 Jan 1877 died 5 Mar 1898
  • Seldon Harry FREEZE Birth: 11 May 1879
  • Harvey Walter FREEZE born: 16 Oct 1881 died: Oregon City, OR
  • Van Buren FREEZE Birth: 6 Mar 1884 Havelock, Died 30 Apr 1953
  • Flora Frances FREEZE born: 22 Mar 1886 Death: 8 Jan 1950
  • Martha FREEZE Birth: 20 Jun 1888 Death: 1909
  • Arthur Allen FREEZE Birth: 1 Dec 1890 Death: 1940 Boston, , Ma
  • Alice Pearl FREEZE Birth: 4 Jun 1895 Death: 6 Jan 1980

Documentation notesEdit

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