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Origin: England, Normandy
Variant(s): Wilkinson
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Appearance of nameEdit

The surname Wilkerson first appears in Durham among the descendants of Robert de Wintona of Glamorgan. Robert Wintona is associated with Robert Fitzhhamon a noble in 1066.


Originally the Wilkerson family name is believed to be descended from the Norman race. This being the case they would carry the Norman/Viking Haplogroup R1a[1] or more precisely subclade R1a1. The Vikings invaded the Orkneys and Northern Scotland about 870 A.D. Many American Wilkerson descendants display Norman features such as blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin supporting this theory of origin. Although Wilkinson, Wilkason, Wilkisson, Wilkiesson are variant spellings of Wilkerson it is believed by some that there is another root of origin for a Wilkinson line that display dark hair, and dark eyes, and are of another haplogroup in England. Further research into the haplogroups may confirm or disprove this theory.



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Haplogroup R1a


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