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Willem Ottsen was born 1689 to Ott Breunissen (1665) and Hendrikje Unknown (1665) and died 1742 of unspecified causes. He married Hermientje Egbers (1700-1728) 26 March 1719 in Netherlands. He married Trijntje Rengers (1701-1773) 1728 .


Offspring of Willem Ottsen and Trijntje Rengers (1701-1773)
Name Birth Death Joined with
Henderickjen Willemsen (1729-1765)
Renger Willemsen (1731-1782)
Otto Willemsen van Donkersgoed (1732-1823)
Nuy Willemsen van Dasselaar (1735-1783)
Brunis Willemsen van Dasselaar (1737-1825)
Hendrik Willemsen (1741-1749)

Willem Ottsen (1689 - 1742)


Willem was born in 1689. He married twice, firstly on 26 March 1719 to Hermientje Egbers. At the wedding a census was taken to record Willem's land. It stated he was in possession of: two waiters, two servants, one girl (apparently a servant girl), four horses, five cows, eighty-two sheep and one bull. Willem established himself as a wealthy farmer in Putten. His six children took the surname of 'Willemsen,' meaning 'child of Willem.'


Willem Ottsen married twice. First it was to Hermientje Egbers (1700 - 1728) in 1719. They had no children.

Willem then married again. Second it was to Trijntje Rengers (1701 - 1773) in 1728. They had six children:

  • Henderickjen Willemsen (1729 - 1765)
  • Renger Willemsen (1731 - 1782)
  • Otto Willemsen van Donkersgoed (1732 - 1823)
  • Nuy Willemsen van Dasselaar (1735 - 1783)
  • Brunis Willemsen van Dasselaar (1737 - 1825)
  • Hendrik Willemsen (1741 - 1749)

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