William A. Putnam (c1855-?)

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Ahnentafel of William A. Putnam (c1855-?)
The numbers beside each individual are of interest to some researchers. For details see help on Ahnentafel lists of ancestors. In a nutshell, the numbers are used to reveal the relation of the ancestor to the subject. For example, 6 corresponds to maternal grandfather.

Generation 1

1. William A. Putnam (c1855-?)
Birth: 1855.

Generation 2

2. Alfred Putnam (c1825-?)
Birth: 1825.
3. Sarah Unknown (?-aft1850)

Generation 3

4. Leonard Putnam (1803-1850)
Birth: 14 April 1803. Death: 1 November 1850.
5. Sally Kelley (c1809-?)

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