William Albini
Sex: Male
Birth: ca 1165
Death: 30 Mar 1221 Cainell By Rome, Italy
Father: William Albini (c1140)
Mother: Maud de Saint Hilary
Spouse/Partner: Mabel de Meschines

This is not the William d'Albini surety of the Magna Carta. For other men of the feudal period with the same name, see William Albini.

William d'Albiny - was born about 1165 in Arundel, Sussex, England and died before 30 Mar 1221 in Cainell By Rome, Latium, Italy . He was the son of Earl William d'Albiny and Maud de Saint Hilary. William married Mabel de Meschines Chester, Cheshire, England. Mabel was born about 1173, lived in Cheshire, England. She is the daughter of Earl of Chester Hugh of Kevelioc de Meschines and Bertrade de Montfort.

When his father died he was in ward to King Henry II and, in 1194, he was in the army of Richard I in Normandy. Already a wealthy man at the time of the accession of John to the throne, he received several additional grants of great value.

William d'Albini was one of the King's foremost financial officers. Before 1200 he had been custodian sheriff, a sort of tax collector and treasurer combined. After 1200 King John appointed him one of the justices or "exchequers" of the Jews. As such he kept a record of all royal debts to Jews, and of payments made to them. Possibly such an official settled disputes connected with money-lending operations. The Jews were a powerful source of revenue, which the King desired to protect to his own interest. From Michaelmas 1210 to mid-Lent of 1211, William and five other Barons were in charge of customs duties on dyes and grain. In 1213 we find him involved in a baronial investigation committee, which sought to unearth evidence of alleged embezzlements charged to certain sheriffs.

He joined in the Fifth Crusade (1217-1221), in 1218. He died on his journey home, in Caneill, Italy, near Rome, in 1221. News of his death reached England on 30 March 1221. He was buried at Wymondham Abbey.

Documentation notesEdit

  • Unless indicated otherwise, data is from d'Albiny Family site[1]


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