William Albini
Sex: Male
Birth: c1109
Death: October 12, 1176
Father: William d'Albini (c1070)
Mother: Maud Bigod
Spouse/Partner: Queen Adelicia of Louvain

For other men of the feudal period with the same name, see William Albini.

William "Strong Hand" d'Albiny - first earl of Arundel- was born about 1090 in St. Sauveur, Manche, Normandie, France and died on 12 Oct 1176 in Abbey, Waverly, Surrey, Engand . He was the son of William "the Butler" d'Albiny and Maud Bigod. William married Queen Adelicia of Louvain in 1138 while living in England. Queen Adelicia was born about 1105, lived in Louvain, Belgium. She was the daughter of Duke Godfrey "A La Barbe" de Lorraine and Countess Clementia de Namur. She died on 23 Apr 1151 in Affigham, Flanders, France .

William - - After King Henry I's death, Arundel Castle was given to his second wife, Adeliza of Louvrain. In 1138 she married William and they went on to live at Arundel. William was a great builder and he went on to build the magnificant square keep at Arundel.

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  • athoritative source of peerage documentation at [1]]. The dates on WP appear to aggree with those on the peearage site.


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