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William Mount (1753-1815)
William Mount (1787-1869)
Jenny Page (-1843)
William George Mount (1824-1906)
George Talbot (c1712-1782)
George Talbot (1763-1836)
Anne Bouverie (1729-1813)
Charlotte Talbot (c1792-1879)
Charlotte Elizabeth Drake (-1817)
William Arthur Mount, 1st Baronet (1866-1930)
Marianne Emily Clutterbuck (1837-1928)

(See also a pedigree on WorldConnect, which takes his mother's ancestry back to a Ralph Potts, born about 1515, and takes his father's ancestry back many centuries further, through King Edward III and Lords Clifford, Talbot, and Neville and Earls of March, Northumberland, Ormonde, Shrewsbury, Stafford, Warwick, and Westmorland.)

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