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William Butten was born 1606 in England and died 6 November 1620 in onboard Mayflower at sea, Atlantic Ocean of unspecified causes.

Biography Edit

William Butten was a young indentured servant of Samuel Fuller (1580-1633), a long-time leader of the Leiden Church. Butten died during the voyage of the Mayflower while traveling with Fuller, who had been appointed doctor for the group. Butten was sick the entire voyage and died at sea when near the coast of New England (November 6/16 - depending on which calendar you use.)

Ancestry Notes Edit

William Butten's English origins remain unknown. There were a couple of William Buttens baptized in William Bradford (1590-1657)'s home parish of Austerfield, co. Yorks, but they are all for men that would have been in their 20s or 30s and thus unlikely to have been referred to as "a youth." There is a William Button, son of John, baptized on 13 March 1605 in Worksop, co. Nottinghamshire, which is where some of the original Separatists met prior to fleeing to Holland. This individual might be a good candidate, but there is no evidence (beyond name and age, which could be just coincidental) to support this identification.

Vital Records Edit

Bradford's 1651 Journal Edit

Bradford recorded:

"in all this voyage there died one of the passengers, which was William Butten, a youth, servant to Samuel Fuller, when they drew near the coast".

References Edit

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